The artist was born in the land of snow and forests, lakes and rivers of the Urals, Russia. She spent her childhood and was educated in the south of the country in hot industrial Volgograd, but could never forget the divine wilderness of where her family came from. 

"My grandparents and parents were simple people, working class, whose main aim was to obey rules and feed the family. A tv set was luxury, so we as kids didn’t have any other entertainment than an old radio in the communal kitchen for 7 families, books taken from the library, stories adults used to share at dinners, sad and touching folk songs about nature, love and death. Everything around was an adventure and a discovery. We invented ancient monsters and were searching for their footsteps in the snow, we created our own secret alphabets and were leaving messages to each other so adults couldn’t know what we were talking about, we counted stars in the sky and were collecting leaves, we were dreaming about far unknown lands, treasures and new planets, and studying everything with such a passion as if tomorrow would never come. This passion I still carry with me, though modern world offers every answer to every question, no need to investigate anything".

Books about artists and magazines about culture were always on the table, Anastasiia’s mind was blown away by Michael Vrubel’s sculptural paintings and Modigliani’s surreal portraits, later she was influenced greatly by movies and cartoons produced in the Soviet Union ( A Hedgehog in the fog, The Last Year Snow was Falling, Tale of Tales, Morozko, Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Two Captains, etc), energy and expressiveness of post Soviet Russian avant-garde illustrators. 

"Deep meanings, humour, unusual decisions, unbreakable friendship, devoted love, respect to the nature, simplicity of the most important values - are those whales I base my life and my art on"


 Nowadays Anastasiia works in two distinctive styles: free emotional avant-garde and carefully detailed illustration. 

 "I love how different my styles are. Working in different techniques is freedoming, as it allows me to express my different facets. I enjoy slow and careful layer by layer work, when a rough sketch is gradually turning into an almost realistic picture. I form an illustration as if it is clay in my hands, I learn its shape and character like a blind learns objects touching them, I add and add little streaks until the image gets alive, looks at me and says it is enough.

 I also enjoy my impulsive and trembling pencil sketching, when lines are rough, shape isn’t important, but composition and emotion are. I call it freestyle and it is the way of turning my (or my client’s) messy feelings and impressions into something intuitively clear and powerful".


 Anastasiia is opened to commission work and collaborations with writers and musicians. She has her own principles of dealing with clients, which allows her to stay unique and genuine in what she does. 

 "When I get a commission, I always ask for more than just a photo to copy, I need to know and feel my subject, I need a story, a background of the subject and the intention of the client. I need a brief - clearer and more detailed  instructions and descriptions are, quicker and easier for me to make a following research and to see the essence of the future artwork. More I absorb, more interesting and accurate the result is. I need to know the purpose and reasons of my client, if it is going to be a separate bomb of meanings or a part of a series of works. 

When I form and fill my galleries, the brief comes from myself, I explore the idea thoroughly before I get my inspiration and start my project”.


Among the future projects there are two remarkable exhibitions Anastasiia is working on at the moment: Telliskivi Creative City and Nordic Sketches .