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Filming in Iceland

Sarah Jane was the first release from the album Fragments.

The video was filmed and edited by Brad Ballew in Iceland between Reykjavik and Jökulsárlón Glacier and featured Nicky Kavanagh. Richard Boyle and Karen Ballew assisted.

Brad scouted the southern parts of the country for a few days before we arrived and found several locations that he thought might suit us. We had only two days to film and the whole project appeared to hinge on the weather and whether we could get Brad’s drone up or not. We anticipated a few stock shots and hoped that it wouldn't rain too much.

October 26th:

We arrived in to Keflavik and headed straight to the tiny town of Vik on the southern coast, where the famous Black Sands beaches are. We hooked up with Brad and his wife Karen there.

October 27th:

We drove to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, stopping off for some aerial shots over the lava fields and then on to Diamond Beach. The ice walking sequence was filmed in less than 15 minutes and we nearly missed sundown after a 5 hour drive. Then a night drive back to Vik and an early morning start.

October 28th:

The weather had been mild but as we drove out to Solheimajokull Glacier (The Glacier of the Sun World) it began to snow. As we drove into the car park below the glacier all of the tour groups were huddled in their buses and the snow was coming down in sheets. The five inadequately dressed and ill-equipped adventurers bailed out of the cars and ran out towards the glacier in a blizzard. We were 10 minutes walking and it suddenly cleared. No tourists, not a single soul and as we found out later in the coffee shop, the very first snow of the season. The shot of Nicky walking across the hill was done in a matter of minutes.

We stopped off at Geysir for some shots and started to think about warm beds in Reykjavik.

Pretty tired at this stage Brad kept trying to persuade us all that we should stop and wait for the Northern Lights, even though they weren't really likely and it was overcast. So we stopped literally in the middle of nowhere, cracked open some beers and waited. The shot of the hand of God reaching down was unbelievably unlikely but there it is.

The concept of the yellow raincoat lost in the landscape yet still visible was slightly influenced by the red raincoat in "Don't look now". This video remains a lasting memory of a remarkable 48 hours where we needed everything to happen at once and it did. Coupled with the fact that I got to spend the time with great friends and ended up with something this beautiful makes this definitely one of the best experiences of my career and started a love affair with this remarkable country.

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